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New OBDLink MX+ Packaging

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New OBDLink MX+ Packaging

New OBDLink Packaging Update

Recently OBDLink updated their packaging for the MX+ OBD2 Scantool.

Some people have questioned the authenticity of the new packaging as most of the images online for the MX+ are of the old packaging. Even OBDLink have not added the new images to their site as yet. They have stated that the new imaging will be updated shortly.

OBDLink have sent us a letter of authenticity to help show that the new packaging is the genuine article and not some cheap imitation.

Here at Zedmotive we love the new packaging, it's more compact and has a nice premium look to it. 

Of course the MX+ is the same super fast high quality tool it always was!

Here's the letter.




 Dear Customer,

Not too long ago we updated our packaging for OBDLink MX+. Our new packaging was designed to be more compact, durable, and elegant. I believe that we achieved our goal and the response from customers and distributors has been overwhelmingly positive.

I also understand that this change has not been adequately communicated in our listings or advertising materials. Considering the times in which we live its appropriate to be skeptical of counterfeits in the market.

Rest assured that any unit you buy from Zedmotive will be authentic. Included in this letter are photos for verification. It any doubts persist, we encourage you to reach out to us directly at support@obdsol.com to verify if you have a genuine OBDLink.

I apologize for the inconvenience. We value our customer’s trust and want you to have the best possible experience with our product.


Loren LaPlante

OBD Solutions,

LLC - Operations Manager

OBDLink Mx+ New Packaging


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