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Retro EFi

Retro EFi Throttle body kits have revolutionized throttle body fuel injection!

These systems are the easiest to install on the market today. No computer skills required and easy to setup with the hand held controller that comes with the unit. After the initial set up the system is self learning and just gets better as you drive.

If you are upgrading from a carby you will also need a fuel system to support the 58psi the unit need to run. This can be done in may ways but the easiest is to use the Fitech Fuel command center( see below)

Fitech EFi will replace any 4 barrel carburetor and systems are available for 200hp up to 1200hp+ some systems can control timing and handle boost and NOS as well!

We have fitted a number of these units and have achieved excellent results.

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