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About Us


You can find us at:

2/49 Betula Ave Vermont

Victoria 3131


Australian automotive performance parts retailer.

We are are now also a LMCT car dealer!

Stay tuned for our latest vehicles for sale.

We sell DIY EFi kits that replace your old carburetor and dramatically improve throttle response, cold starting, fuel economy and performance.  The kits are the easiest to install on the market. No laptop computer needed. Easy to setup and self learning as you drive. If you want to fine tune your system all the parameters are adjustable through the hand controller. Or just let it tune its self!

We stock a large range of kits to suit all applications. From a stock 351 Falcon or 308 Kingswood all the way to blown or supercharged big block hot rods we have the kit for you.

If you don't see what you want or have a question send us a message and we will be happy to help you out.


We also provide diagnostic tools for the enthusiast who wants more insight into the running of a vehicle.



Whether it's tracking the performance of your vehicle with the amazing Scangauge or adding fuel injection to a classic old V8 so it runs like a new car.

Our aim is to help car enthusiasts enjoy their pride and joy by making these older vehicles nicer to drive with better performance while retaining the original look. 

The products we sell have all been extensively used and tested by us and meet our high standards. They are the best products that we find for their purpose.

We hope you enjoy and get good value from them.