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Fitech EFi System

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Fitech EFi System

We have been waiting for this for a while. If you don’t know what i’m on about the Fitech EFi will bolt on to any 4 barrel V8 manifold and is a retro fit for a carburetor on most old school muscle cars and trucks from the 50’s through to the 80’s think Falcons, Monaros, Chargers, Kingswoods, etc….

This bolt on kit will give you all of the advantages of modern EFi but still keeps the original look of the carby. It will run much better and start up first time weather it’s hot or cold. This smart unit will also control the spark timing and an electric cooling fan.

The Fitech EFi Kit comes with all you need for a carby conversion and involves some wiring and fuel plumbing and also adding a couple of new sensors like an oxygen sensor in the exhaust and a temp sensor in the inlet manifold.


You will also need to upgrade the fuel system as the old carburetor fuel pump will only run at a few psi compared to the 60psi that the EFi System needs. There are a few different ways to upgrade the fuel delivery system but Fitech have come up with an ingenious pump unit called the Fuel Command Center. This uses the existing low pressure pump and feeds fuel into a  self contained hi pressure pump in a sump that will supply the required pressure for the system. This comes in a self contained unit that can be mounted in most engine bays with minimal effort and no modification to the existing fuel system.

The plan is to fit the system to our Mustang, test it out then and offer these systems for sale.

Look out for more post about this exciting new EFi project!




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