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FiTech Go EFi 2x4 625HP Dual Quad System 30062

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FiTech Go EFi 2x4 625HP Dual Quad System 30062

Dual Quad! EFI ! Nothing says Muscle like 2 big 4 BBL's on a V8 . FiTech EFI has made it simple with their Go EFI 2x4 625 HP self-tuning System. This kit is a bolt on for the most popular manifolds including the Edelbrock line of dual quad manifolds without any adapters! They fit and look like they belong there because they were designed to fit from the start. Normally aspirated kits are good thru 625 hp but the Go EFI 2X4 POWER ADDER kit can handle you guys with the bigger cubes and Roots Superchargers. One Throttle Body handles all of the brains while the second holds 4 additional injectors, and the IAC motor for idle stability. These can also be used in cross ram and tunnel ram configurations.

For Boosted and High HP normally aspirated applications use Go EFI 2X4 POWER ADDER (Part #30064). This kit does not include linkage or fuel lines

Bolt on 2 of these tough looking throttle bodies and drive your car as the system dials itself into the perfect calibration for all of your driving and weather conditions. If you decide you want to tune for more power or economy, the FiTech Touch Screen controller allows quick and easy on the fly adjustments at your fingertips!

Note that this EFI system can also be used with an engine compartment mounted Fuel Command Center, which provides a returnless system.

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